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To help you promote the virtual conference to your audience, we've created the content below to make email communication easy. Please share the conference information with as many people as possible. The more people you bring in, the more lives we can touch to make a positive impact. And, yes, the more compensation you'll receive!

For promotion, plan to send at least three emails to your audience. Remember that stand-alone emails always have the best response, rather than sandwiching the conference information in between lots of other content. In other words, three short and sweet emails about the conference are much more effective than one long and thorough email!

Think of these emails as a process, not a one-time thing. Each time your reader skims the information (and yes, most emails are only skimmed), they get another taste of what the virtual event has to offer for them. With each communication, anticipation and excitement builds.

Email #7 - January Promotion (D)

Why: Send out a reminder email with speaker highlights.
When: End of January / 1st Week of February - Coming soon...

Email #6 - January Promotion (C)

Why: Tell people about program guide.
When: Mid January - Coming soon...

Email #5 - January Promotion (B)

Why: Nothing is more convincing than hearing about the conference from you - in your own voice.
When: ASAP - Because the Coupon Codes Expire on February 1st
Instructions: You must first record your audio message and submit our request form here.

Next, you can either copy and paste the source code provided below into your HTML Email template with your list provider (MailChimp, ConstantContact, Aweber, etc.), or you can simply right-click and save the postcard image below and upload it into your email program of choice. If you choose the latter option, please make sure you link a small text phrase above the postcard as shown in our example, as well as make the actual image itself into a hyperlink.

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YogaHub's Virtual Conference

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Email #4 - January Promotion (A)

Why: Share speaker roster to encourage registration.
When: Early January

SUBJECT 1: Begin the Year Creating Balance in Your Life
ALTERNATE 2: Shifting our Consciousness through Knowledge 
ALTERNATE 3: Join Me in this New Paradigm of Creating Awareness

The start of a New Year always holds great promise. This new beginning is a chance to commit to what's important - health, wellness, family, and having a balanced life.

You can reinforce that intention by taking action, by doing the things that have a positive impact on your commitment.

Join me at the Virtual World Yoga Conference, "Yoga, Meditation and the Philosopher's Stone," a 5-day event held on February 7-11, 2012. It's an easy way to build momentum for your intention.

Along with my session on (SUBJECT MATTER HERE), you'll learn from some incredible teachers, including Amy Weintraub, David Berceli, Cherie Sohnen-Moe, Nischala Joy Devi and Dr. Glenn Wollman - just to name a few.

There will be more than 50 workshops that will explore:

* The Healing Path of Yoga, Meditation, and Breath
* The Art of Letting Go with Effortless Freedom
* How to Relax Your Mind & Body Into Tranquility
* Eating Organically on a Budget
* Plus Many Topics for Wellness Professionals
* And much, much more...

Check out the conference site to see the full list of presenters,
and then register:

All this for one low registration price (which by the way is less than 1/3 the price of last years admission.)

Plus, you can use the coupon code (INSERT YOUR SPECIFIC COUPON HERE) and you'll instantly save $30 off your ticket registration fee.

I hope you'll join us in this virtual space!


ps. Don't forget that you get an additional 2 full weeks of access to 50+ workshops which you can listen to at your own leisure.


The following templates are geared towards our "Sneak Peek Pre-Event" series which includes three sample sessions you can share with your audience to encourage them to actually take our virtual platform for a test-drive and actually experience what it's like to attend the conference. You may also wish to listen to one or more of these sessions yourself.

Email #3 - Pre-Event Promo (C)

Why: Share the excitement about this years pre-conference experience.
When: Immediately, because everyone wants to treat themselves to knowledge for the holidays.

SUBJECT 1: Join me for YogaHub's Pre-Conference Sneak Peek
ALTERNATE 2: Take the “Virtual Conference” for a Taste-Test...
ALTERNATE 3: A “Sneak Peek” for your Holiday Pleasure

I'm excited to share a new learning opportunity with you, it's a virtual yoga and meditation conference put on by YogaHub. (SPEAKERS ADD YOUR TOPIC HERE, where I'll be teaching a workshop on X).

Maybe you're not familiar with the idea of a virtual conference, don't worry neither was I. However, now is your chance to give it a try an no out of pocket cost. That's right, YogaHub has done it again. They've put together a special Pre-Conference “Sneak Peek” Preview Event where you can experience this new format, meet some of the conference faculty and presenters, and learn yoga and meditation techniques.

I just got instant access and thought you would like to join me.

Check it out:

Look for more to come on YogaHub's Virtual World Yoga Conference coming up in February 2012. For now, just take a no-risk leap into a cyberspace conference with this sneak peek!

Be well,


PS. Grab your free seat to their
pre-event and don't miss out on your
chance to win 1 of 3 "All-Access Passes".

Email #2 - Pre-Event Promo (B)

Why: Follow up with personal insights and feedback about last years conference.
When: Immediately, because there are some incredible limited quantity prizes.

SUBJECT 1: Claim Your 3 Free Sessions - It's not too late...
ALTERNATE 2: Experience a Sample of the Virtual World Yoga Conference
ALTERNATE 3: Come listen to [INSERT SPEAKERS NAME] at YogaHub's Sneak Peek

I had no idea what to expect when I heard about YogaHub's first-ever Virtual World Yoga Conference last year. I was [ADD YOUR OWN TEXT HERE].

Conferences don't have to cost a bundle and take you away from home for days on end. You can connect, learn, and be inspired right from your own home with a virtual conference. I'm so excited to be attending YogaHub's third annual Virtual World Yoga Conference, titled, “Yoga, Meditation and the Philosopher's Stone” — and now you can give it a test drive with a special sneak peek preview.

During this pre-conference preview you can listen to three of their top teachers, try out the virtual format, and learn new yoga and meditation tips.

Best of all, this pre-conference event is free!

Look for more to come on the virtual conference coming up in February 2012. For now, get a head start and take advantage of this sneak peek!

Be well,

PS. Grab your F.R.Double.E
ticket to the sneak peek here:

PPS. Don't miss your chance to
win 1 of 3 "All-Access Passes"
to the 2010 & 2011 conference,
that’s over 150 hours of content!

Email #1 - Pre-Event Promo (A)

Why: Help spread the news about our pre-conference event.
When: Immediately! The more who experience it, the better your chance of selling tickets.

SUBJECT 1: Claim Your 3 Sessions to YogaHub's Virtual Conference
ALTERNATE 2: An incredible session with [INSERT SPEAKER'S NAME]
ALTERNATE 3: A Yoga Conference without walls...

I'm excited to be teaching (CHANGE TO “participating” IF YOU ARE NOT A SPEAKER) at YogaHub's next annual Virtual Yoga and Meditation conference next February. But you don't have to wait that long to join in the fun...

YogaHub is offering 3 special complimentary sessions where you can meet some of the teachers, try out the virtual format, and learn new yoga and meditation tips.

Best of all, this pre-conference event won't cost you a dime!

Check it out here:

Look for more to come on the big virtual conference coming up in February 2012. For now, get a head start and take advantage of this sneak peek!

Be well,

PS. You can also win some
great prizes and the entire
2011 conference here: