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Imagine attending an affordable yoga and wellness conference that fits easily into your busy schedule – “Yoga, Meditation & the Philosopher's Stone” a 5-day virtual conference by YogaHub. [LINK]


Join me for “Yoga, Meditation & the Philosopher's Stone" – For five days straight, people from around the globe will gather to participate in workshops, lectures, yoga classes, and meditations at the 2nd Annual Virtual World Yoga Conference. [LINK]


You do not want to miss “Yoga, Meditation & the Philosopher's Stone" – A revolutionary 5-day virtual wellness conference from Feb 8-12, 2011. [LINK]


Excited for “Yoga, Meditation & the Philosopher's Stone", YogaHub’s 2nd annual Virtual World Yoga Conference with teachers, speakers and wellness experts from around the globe. [LINK]


“Yoga, Meditation & the Philosopher's Stone" is just around the corner. It's not too late to register! [LINK]